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Cyclone Technology is a professional company focusing on the design, development, production and sales of power supply products. It mainly sells high-end AC-DC power supply modules and DC-DC power supply modules and other products, and provides customized power supply design services. It is a Huawei power supply agent company with Years of power product agency experience and rich experience in product design and development, customers cover communication, military, electric power, aerospace, industrial control, transportation and medical equipment and other major fields. Main products include switching power supply, communication power supply, railway power supply, LED power supply, medical power supply and military power supply, etc.

Cyclone has a professional technical team and sales team, which can provide customers with all-round high-quality services from power module, switching power supply, communication power supply selection, application technical support, overall scheme design, and customized power supply according to customer requirements.


The company adheres to the corporate purpose of creating a fashionable life with technology, and the business philosophy of satisfying customers with a steady and practical business style, advocates full-service and full-staff service, pursues the perfection of the service process and customer satisfaction with the service results, and through the customer service Research on demand and in-depth communication with customers, comprehensively analyze the real needs of customers, achieve a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customers, improve service levels with technology, and improve service quality with management; Whirlwind has incorporated service concepts into the whole process of sales, and integrated service Consciousness is implemented in the hearts of every employee, and a full-service system is established through professional pre-sales services, in-sales services integrated with customers, and after-sales services to help customers troubleshoot and check errors; to provide customers in the industry with high-precision, high-quality Quality modular power products.


We are willing to join hands with friends in the industry to draw a blueprint and create brilliance together!

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