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Application Notes for Module Power Supplies

Updatetime:2023-03-01 15:06:07

1. Very light load use

Generally, the module power supply has a minimum load limit, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and is generally about 10%, because when the load is too light, it is difficult for the energy storage element to continue to flow, and the current will be discontinuous, resulting in unstable output voltage. This is caused by the power supply itself. determined by the working principle. But what to do if the user does use light load or even no load, the most convenient and effective way is to add a certain dummy load, which is about 2% of the output power, which can be preset by the module manufacturer before leaving the factory, or by The user installs an appropriate resistor outside the module as a load. It is worth noting that if you choose the former, the module efficiency will be reduced. But some circuit topologies do not have a minimum load limit.

2. Multi-channel output power distribution

When selecting a power supply for a multi-output module, attention should be paid to the power distribution between different outputs. Taking dual-circuit products as an example, there are generally two types: one is dual-circuit balanced load, that is, the current of the two circuits is the same; the other is unbalanced load, that is, the load current of the main and auxiliary circuits is different, and the main circuit has a larger , the auxiliary road is small. For this kind of product, it is recommended to choose the power ratio of the auxiliary circuit to the main circuit as 1/5~1/2. Only in this range can the voltage stability of the auxiliary circuit be guaranteed (within 5%), otherwise the voltage of the auxiliary circuit will drop. high or low. On the other hand, if the two-way loads are not the same, try not to choose a balanced load module power supply, because this kind of power supply is specially designed for symmetrical loads. If the load is unbalanced, the accuracy of the auxiliary circuit voltage is not high.

3. Try to reduce the temperature rise of the module power supply

The operating temperature of the components inside the module directly affects the life of the module power supply, the lower the temperature of the components, the longer the life of the module. Under certain working conditions, the loss of the module power supply is certain, but the temperature rise can be reduced by improving the heat dissipation conditions of the module power supply, thereby greatly extending its service life. For example, a radiator must be installed for a module power supply above 50W. The larger the surface area of the radiator is, the better it is for heat dissipation, and the installation direction of the radiator should be as conducive to the natural convection of the air as possible. If the power is above 150W, it can be installed in addition to the radiator. Fan forced air cooling. In addition, in places with high ambient temperature or poor air circulation conditions, the module must be derated to reduce power consumption, thereby reducing temperature rise and prolonging service life.

4. Reasonable installation reduces mechanical stress

The lead-out methods of the module power supply are all metal pins, and the module power supply is connected to the external circuit, the metal pin and the internal circuit of the module power supply by welding. In some special occasions, the mechanical vibration intensity is relatively high, especially when a radiator is installed on the high-power module power supply, this situation is even more serious. Although the thermally conductive insulating rubber inside the module power supply can play a good role in buffering and protecting the components, the solder joints may not be able to withstand the strong vibration stress and break, resulting in the failure of the module power supply. At this time, it must be done on the basis of welding. Take other fixing and cushioning measures, for example, you can use clamps or bolts (for modules with screw holes) to fix the modules with relatively good anti-vibration performance such as the chassis and large circuit boards, and pad some elastic materials between them for cushioning Stress from vibration.

In a word, the module power supply is the same as other components and parts, only if it is carefully selected and reasonably applied can its performance be maximized, the reliability is fully guaranteed, and the module power supply will be more widely used!

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