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Power solution case

Updatetime:2023-03-01 15:13:35

Power products are divided into three conversion categories: alternating current to direct current (AC/DC); direct current to direct current (DC/DC); direct current to alternating current (inverter power supply DC/AC). Product packaging is divided into four categories: pin type, terminal type, integrated type and chassis power supply (including CPCI power supply). Each product strives for excellence from internal quality to appearance craftsmanship, tailor-made for customers, designs each power supply, and provides a complete power supply solution.

     Based on the long-term experience in providing power solutions for customers, we have summarized the following points, which are only for the reference of engineers and friends when selecting and customizing power supplies:

     ①. Customizable functions: widening input voltage range, adjustable output voltage, constant output current, shape and size of power supply housing, input and output interfaces, waterproof level, number of output channels, fault alarm, etc.;

     ②. Product grade: The components used inside are strictly screened for high and low temperature resistance, and are classified according to the working shell temperature. Industrial grade: -25~+85℃ Military grade I: -40~+85℃ Military grade II: -55~+85℃ ;

     ③. Product advantages: adjustable output multi-channel combination, N+1 redundancy, multiple power supplies can be connected in parallel at the same time, advanced topology circuit and high conversion efficiency;

     ④. Electromagnetic compatibility: metal shield package, input multi-stage filter, strong anti-interference ability, extremely low ripple noise and electromagnetic interference, good electromagnetic compatibility;

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